The new MEP design environment linking architectural constraints, design specifications, and resultant cost

Use our interactive One-Line, Riser, and Schedules to build your MEP systems. Validate your designs and comply with safety standards like the National Electric Code.
MEP Design

MEP Design Environment

Design in an environment that was built, by and for, MEP engineers. We provide all the tools that an engineer needs throughout the design lifecycle, from loading modules in schematics to value-engineering efforts in CDs.

Provide Order of Magnitude Estimates for Your Designs


Instantly translate design-changes to construction cost. Provide an optimized design that fits your clients budget and timeline.

Monitor cost as you design and create order of magnitude estimates by using the Pricing Report.
Design and report issues of loading, voltage drop, and short circuit studies. Use our sizing engine to determine the code-minimum requirements for your design.
Comply with Safety Codes Standards like the NEC.


Design at twice the speed as we are constantly validating your model against applicable codes. Never worry about issuing avoidable code-violations again.

Synchronize Revit models with MEP designs.

Revit Interoperability

Design in the environment that best fits each task. Sync changes to and from Revit.

Import a Revit model to design your MEP systems around the latest and greatest.


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